Fire log

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Fire Log for the Week Ending March 14


The Lincoln Fire Department responded to 62 calls for service during the week ending March 14.  The incident totals and types included:


·        50 Medical Aid calls

·        4 Service calls

·        2 Hazardous Condition calls – including strong smell of propane

·        1 Fire call – Including a dryer fire

·        5 Good Intent calls


The Lincoln Fire Department was dispatched to a hazardous condition call. The caller complained that a strong smell of gas was coming from the garage. When firefighters arrived, the house had been evacuated.  The odor’s source was not found.


The Lincoln Fire Department also responded to a structure fire. Firefighters arrived to find that the homeowner had already put out the fire.  The homeowner explained that he had bought a used dryer the day before.  After installing the dryer, the owner was testing it to ensure operability when the appliance ignited. Additional investigations found that the gas dryer did not have the gas supply pipe connected properly.


Information was provided by the Lincoln Fire Department.  If you need further information, please call 645-4040.