Fire Log

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Fire Log for the Week Ending March 7



The Lincoln Fire Department responded to 53 calls for service during the week ending March 7.  The incident totals and types included:


·        38 Medical Aid calls

·        3 Service calls

·        4 Hazardous Condition calls, including soap running down the street into a storm drain

·        3 False Alarm calls

·        5 Good Intent calls


The Lincoln Fire Department was dispatched to a hazardous condition call. The caller complained that an odd blue liquid was flowing out of a citizen’s yard and into the storm drain.  Upon arrival, the Fire Department found the liquid and followed it to a residence.  They found a tipped-over container that said Foaming Blue Brush and the label had the vendor’s number.  The Fire Department called the vendor, which said the liquid can be vacuumed and dispensed in a hazardous-waste container.


Information was provided by the Lincoln Fire Department.  If you need further information, please call 645-4040