Fire Calls

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The Lincoln Fire Department responded to 48 calls for service during the week ending May 16. 37 Medical Aids 2 Fires – Including one trashcan fire and one storage-unit fire 1 Public Assist 1 False Alarm 3 Hazardous Conditions – Confiscated fireworks, gas spilled on roadway and a no-injury collision cleanup 4 Good Intents The Lincoln Fire Department was dispatched to a trashcan fire at a park. On arrival, firefighters found a trash bin on fire and the caller trying to put it out with an extinguisher. The fire was contained to the trashcan and firefighters quickly extinguished it. The second fire was a storage unit in the backyard of a residence. The firefighters arrived and saw the fire from the front of the house. When the firefighters entered the back yard, they found the homeowners attempting to extinguish the fire. Firefighters advised them to stay back. Firefighters quickly knocked down the fire. The storage unit and the contents inside were unsalvageable. The house had only minor damage. The first hazardous-condition call was about illegal fireworks confiscated at a local school. The Lincoln Fire Department arrived, along with the Lincoln Police Department. The fireworks were taken by the school and given to the firefighters. The firefighters let the fireworks soak in water for a little over a day and were properly disposed. The second hazardous-condition call was about a gas can falling off a vehicle and spilling more than two gallons of gas onto the roadway and beginning to drain into a storm drain. When firefighters arrived, they found a little less than 1 gallon of gas dried on the road. Firefighters cleaned the area thoroughly and made sure the roadway was safe once again. The third hazardous-condition call was a non-injury collision. The Lincoln Fire Department and the Lincoln Police Department were quickly on scene to check the passengers. Once everyone was checked and made sure they were in good health, the firefighters began to clean the debris out of the intersection. Information is provided by the Lincoln Fire Department. If you need further information, please call (916) 645-4040