Fire Calls

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Fire log for the two weeks ending May 30 The Lincoln Fire Department responded to 110 calls for service during the two weeks ending May 30. The incident totals included: 69 Medical Aids 16 Fires – Including 2 bark fires, 9 grass fires, one golf cart fire, and 2 trashcan fires 5 Public Assists 2 Hazardous Conditions – Including two gallons of diesel spilled and car leaking gas 17 Good Intent Calls 1 False Alarm The Lincoln Fire Department was dispatched to two very small bark fires. Both times, firefighters found a small patch of smoldering bark and quickly extinguished the fire before it could spread. Firefighters urge the public to keep lit combustible material controlled and not let any burning material, including ashes from cigarettes, to leave their vehicle. The Fire Department responded to 10 grass fires this week. Most of the vegetation fires were small and contained to small areas. Included was one fire that firefighters found residents trying to extinguish with a garden hose. After the fire was extinguished, the firefighters found a broken bottle among the ashes. The bottle was taken and the incident is now with Lincoln Fire Department fire investigators and the Lincoln Police Department. All the other vegetation fires were small and most had residents attempting to extinguish the blazes. Lincoln Fire provided mutual aid to Cal Fire for a fire in its jurisdiction. The fire burned 15 acres before it was 100-percent contained. The trashcan fire was contained to the inside of the trashcan at a local park. When firefighters arrived, they quickly put the fire out and cleaned the debris. The firefighters contacted the city to inform them of the fire and advise them to bring another trashcan. The first hazardous-condition call was a diesel spill at a local fuel station. Firefighters found approximately two gallons of red dyed diesel spilled on the ground. The fuel-station attendants were pouring ab-sorbents onto the spill. The Fire Department helped clean up. The second hazardous-condition call was thought to be a gas leak. The firefighters found a car jammed into a rock with approximately one gallon of oil leaking. Firefighters used absorbents to clean up the spill. Information was provided by the Lincoln Fire Department. For further information, call 645-4040.