Financial literacy workshops help teens with business of life

By: Joanna Jullien Special to Gold Country News Service
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Thirteen-year-old Annina Hanlon of Roseville understands how to be organized and money wise. She attended the BeMoneySmartUSA business financial camp last summer and was inspired to set up a non-profit selling T-shirts to raise money for osteosarcoma research (a rare form of bone cancer that impacts teenagers). Hanlon is an osteosarcoma survivor, and she has been designing greeting cards sold by an organization that donates to cancer research. “More recently, my Mom and I decided to put one of my (card) designs, a water color peace sign, on a T-shirt to raise money for research. Because I had attended the BeMoneySmart finance and business camps, I learned about nonprofits and I was very excited about the idea. All money raised will go to research,” Hanlon said. Hanlon and her mother are in the process of establishing the non-profit administration so they are not yet ready to make their website public. The mission of the non-profit is to raise awareness and resources for curing childhood cancers. BeMoneySmartUSA is a non-profit financial literacy program that helps teens like Hanlon understand their relationship with money and how important it is to make money work for your purpose. “We want the next generation to take charge of their financial future,” said Marie Hall, Executive Director of BeMoneySmartUSA. Supported by businesses like the California Lottery and Phoenix University, BeMoneySmartUSA has launched a new “Business of Life” series of workshops for teenagers ages 13-18 which run through May 2011. These free workshops provide the next generation with the opportunity to participate in interactive education programs that teach financial literacy, business concepts, and entrepreneurship skills. The next workshop is being held at Phoenix University on Gibson Drive in Roseville this Saturday, Nov. 6. To register go to: http://bemoneysmartpersonal Students will participate in hands-on activities, games and contests that demonstrate the importance of wise financial planning now and for their future. Students will learn how to be wiser consumers, gain insight to banking, budgeting, saving, investing and credit cards using successful strategies adopted by entrepreneurs. Featured guest speakers, Linda Bigler, Certified ActionCoach, Michael Lee, CPA from Golden 1 Credit Union, Ron Adams from Financial Planning Group, Inc. and Joseph Green, Financial Advisor from U.S. Bancorp Investments, Inc. will share wealth building secrets to inspire teens to recognize their own entrepreneurial and financial potential for success.