FieldHaven helped family with abandoned cat

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Last week an abandoned cat started to call our backyard home. We noticed that he was malnourished and not neutered. We felt bad for him so we started to feed him and he was gaining weight. We already have a cat that stays indoors and does not like other cats. Also we could not afford to have this young male neutered, vaccinated, etc. We called Kory Fink, a friend of ours who volunteers at FieldHaven Feline Rescue, and she put us in contact with Jen, another volunteer. Fieldhaven took “T.J. Max” (the name given to him by FieldHaven), even though the facility is at capacity. We want to extend a huge thank-you to FieldHaven for taking in this cat, who is very sweet, talkative and gentle. When we brought T.J. Max to FieldHaven, they asked for a small donation of $5 or whatever we could give. We had no money on us, but we will be sending in what we can for a much-needed donation. If anyone can make a donation, whether it be monetary or supplies (food, towels, pine litter pellets, etc), they would greatly appreciate it. There are many cats that need homes, so adopt from FieldHaven. Please have your pets, whether they are a cat or a dog, spayed and neutered. What a blessing to have this marvelous organization here in Lincoln. Thank you again, FieldHaven. The Tribur family, Lincoln