Father learns not to take anything for granted

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Re: ‘Don’t take life, loved ones for granted’

One day, I had a terrible toothache but the dentist took care of it. The next morning, I had no pain but I also had no happiness that I had no pain. I just took it for granted.

Too often, we get angry about what we don’t have but too seldom are we happy about what we do have.

These thoughts recently came to me while lying on an operation table waiting for a heart operation that lasted six hours. The operation was a success. When they wheeled me into the recovery room, I felt so bad that I hoped they would put me back on the operating table.

But shortly afterward, back in my hospital room with my wife, son and daughter watching me, I felt like I was in a five-star hotel. And I did not take that for granted.

When my children and grandchildren would close a phone call with “I love you,” all I would say was, “Me too.”

However, from now on, I will say “I love you, too.”

In addition, I will no longer take the love, care and concern of those I love for granted. Carol wrote about not taking things for granted (Feb. 21, News Messenger, page A4).

Like father, like daughter. Her comments should be reread.

George Feineman, Grass Valley