Exercise your right to vote

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Wow! Halfway through Jack Orlove’s commentary (July 7, page A4, News Messenger, “Should we put a price tag on our rights?,”), I jumped to the end to see if Obama, Reid or Pelosi had taken an interest in our budget woes. What is so difficult for some people to understand that we should not spend what we do not have and increase our city’s debt? I have to wonder, Mr. Orlove, if all your credit cards are maxed out to get what you want when you want it. In our household, we buy only what we can pay for with our monthly budget. True, voting is a right but how many even exercise that right, 15 percent, 20 percent? Instead, they complain. Even in major elections, voter turn out is abysmal and in the lesser elections, it is a great waste of both money and time. Everyone is complaining about losing police and firemen, and they should but instead of addressing this issue in a sensible manner, people want to jump into a recall election throwing away precious dollars for naught! Maybe if everyone committed themselves to exercising their voting right, the outcome might be different. Educate yourself on issues, on people running for office, listen to debates and ask questions, or simply read The News Messenger that weekly keeps us updated on issues and people. Only then can you form an educated opinion and solve problems. All you have to do is listen to reporters interviewing people on the street who cannot even name our first president or our current vice president to realize how uninformed most people are. Wake up people, educate yourself and then exercise your precious right to vote in our normal elections, not a recall. “Balancing the budget is a little like protecting your virtue: you just have to learn to say no.” Quoting Ronald Reagan. Dorothy M. James, Lincoln