Exchange student gets kick out of soccer

By: Cecil Conley, Sports Editor
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Chai Tea Frappuccinos will be a hard habit for Ingrid Asrum to break once she graduates from Lincoln High School. She will not find a Starbucks shop in her hometown of Trondheim, Norway. Asrum will also have to do without Subway, Taco Bell and Carl’s Jr. Your choices for a fast-food fix will be McDonald’s and Burger King. Variety is apparently not the spice of life in her homeland. Food and Frappuccinos are by no means the only reason Asrum is enjoying her time in Lincoln. “When I found out I was going to California, I was so excited,” she said. “I saw pictures of Lincoln. This is better than the place where I was living in Norway. This is an once-in-a-lifetime experience.” Once Asrum goes home, the exchange student will attend high school for one more year even though she is a senior at Lincoln. Norwegian students are required to go to school for 13 years. At least in Norway, Asrum will have the same classmates in each of her periods. Students stay together as they go from one class to another. At Lincoln, each of her classes is a room of strangers. “It was hard in the beginning. I had to get to know people,” said Asrum, who still struggles at times with English. “I got to know my classmates and I change classes and have to start over again.” Asrum has had no such problems with the varsity girls soccer team. She has played her way into the starting lineup for the Zebras, who are 6-0 after beating Sacramento High 3-0 on Monday. Coach Jason Treanor has had his share of exchange students, but few can compare with Asrum. With seven goals thus far, Asrum is making her presence felt by blasting the ball into the net. “She has a shot that will rip your arm off if you’re a goalkeeper,” Treanor said. “I tell our goalkeepers in practice just to let her go. I wouldn’t want to play goalkeeper against her.” Treanor’s original plan was to have Asrum play on defense, but she would often wander into the attack. “She wouldn’t stay in her position and she didn’t know enough English to tell someone to cover her spot,” Treanor said. “Ingrid can score and she also likes to feed (the ball to) the other players.” Asrum is one of 10 seniors on the team, so experience is an advantage for the Zebras. Seniors Mariel Iniguez and Shelby Thoreson are the captains. Thoreson rejoined the team this season. Thoreson did not play last season after transferring to Whitney High and then returning to Lincoln. Treanor encouraged Thoreson to play this season after she had doubts whether he wanted her to try out. “She’s a different player now,” Treanor said of Thoreson. “She’s real serious.” Asrum is also serious about soccer, Treanor explained, because “she goes 120 percent all the time. She understands the game and she has a passion for the game. She knows how to play.”