EPIC Indoor Skatepark rapidly becoming an international skate park

French visitor spreads the word
By: Andrew Hazard/Placer Herald Correspondent
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EPIC Indoor Skatepark in Rocklin is quickly becoming known worldwide. That was evidenced by a visit the center got from a Frenchman celebrating his birthday this summer. Florian Moritz of Paris, France, found EPIC’s website and decided it was where he wanted to skate. “Before my departure I (never heard) about EPIC but (decided) I must find (an) indoor skate park in California,” said Moritz. “I've found EPIC and seen on website the pictures, videos of the park. I'm the first French coming to EPIC so I hope to find other French skaters for coming skating to EPIC.” Moritz, who goes by Flo, decided EPIC would be the perfect place to spend a week to celebrate his 21st birthday. He e-mailed EPIC asking for hotel prices near the park. He said he is considered cool in the United States. “I can rent a car and drink beer too,” Moritz said with a laugh. EPIC’s Owner Jan Killingsworth was thrilled to hear the Skatepark would receive international attention. “I was very happy to hear that the website was being viewed by skaters from several countries and that Flo was so impressed with the park that he wanted to come to skate it,” she said. “It is huge that EPIC is being recognized as a ‘destination park’ for serious skateboarders.” Killingsworth said Moritz related well to EPIC’s skaters and spent a lot of time with the staff. He was also included in team sessions. “We thought he might take a day or two to go to Tahoe or San Francisco,” said Killingsworth, “but he preferred just to skate at EPIC.” Moritz said came to skate and laughed when the EPIC kids said they could not believe he came all the way from France to skate. He said his trip was like a dream because everyone was so nice to him. He marveled at the high level of skateboarding and appreciated the fact they took him “under their wings.” He said his favorite part was waking up in a big bed in a big hotel room and looking out the window to see the sun in the blue sky and his SUV waiting to take him to EPIC. “(Everything) is big, like food, sodas, cars, houses and skate parks. I think California is very great because the sun with (blue-sky), temperature is so hot, so beautiful and there are more famous cities like Los Angles, San Francisco and Sacramento.” he said. “The Californian girls are nice,” he added. Moritz made a skate video and can be viewed at: Killingsworth said his friends in Paris now want to come to EPIC to skate. She said they gave Mortiz an EPIC T-shirt and a Team Rider shirt. He was excited about the team shirt so he could show all his skater friends he was a part of the EPIC team. Killingsworth said EPIC also had a visitor from Spain last summer and gets visitors to their website from 22 different countries. She said scooter riders from across the country also come to EPIC. “We are becoming more of a destination park all the time,” she said. Moritz said he wants to come back next year and have an anniversary party at EPIC. “It was a very good trip and I hope to come back next year, but longer for more skating,” Moritz said.