Enjoy life’s surprises along the way

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untry Kitchen's rustic décor have reminded me of the time my husband and I snagged the honeymoon cottage at a secluded lake resort in Oregon. After a horrific day of driving delays due to highway construction and the heat of central Oregon in August, we were so excited to finally arrive at our destination. The Wren, said the little sign on the door of the log cabin in the woods. Wrens are cute little birds, right? When I walked in and saw all of the heads of deer and elk hanging on the walls, I cried. But what has stayed with me the longest was having to hang my clothes on a deer leg that was somehow bent hoof up and attached to the wall. As we slept with all those eyes upon us, I was so glad that this wasn't our honeymoon.In this life, there's a surprise around every corner. Relax and enjoy the journey. Claudia Bernt, Lincoln