Endorsement of Rob Matthews

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I have met most of the Republican candidates vying for the State Assembly seat in the fourth district and find Rob Matthews to be, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, “… wise and moderate, the lovers of peace and good order, the (man) fittest for the trust.” Rob’s motivation and true grassroots campaign are anchored in service; service to family as a young father and husband, service to country as a United States Marine and peace officer, service to the fourth district as a likely Assemblyman concerned not for his allotment but in seeking to, in the words of John Adams, ”…not make his own fortune, he will make the fortune of his (state).” I have thoroughly sought the candidate best embodying the principles and attributes our Founding Fathers deemed necessary for our public servants to guide and represent the best interests of the people. I have found Rob Matthews to be ‘the man fittest for the trust’ and would encourage you give him your favorable consideration for the fourth district Assembly seat on March 8. Gabriel Hydrick, Lincoln