End insider give-aways

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Even after receiving valid criticism and opposition for spending county taxpayer dollars on donations to supervisor’s favored organizations—”revenue sharing”—the tax dollar give away continues. (Aug 9 Plalcer County Board of Supervisors agenda item 31, parts a and b). The absurdity reaches new peaks with a request for $350 for a “cordless lapel microphone,” supposedly to assist those who may be hearing impaired, and worse, to assist presenters who “have problems using hand-held cord microphones.” Most hearing-challenged people purchase hearing aids. This request implies the hearing challenged only face their issues at these meetings and that presenters don’t know about microphone stands. The request is even more maddening because the organization getting our money has lost its nonprofit status for failure to file federal returns. Apparently, the supervisors who give away our money don’t investigate organization status or legitimacy of amounts requested. Cordless lapel microphones can be purchased at Radio Shack for under $60, Amazon $75 and/or they can be rented for even less. “Revenue sharing” is a nasty “insider” give away of our tax dollars to questionable recipients and vague purposes, while hiding behind “feel good” spins with hopes for future campaign contributions. It must be ended permanently. MATT MARIN, Newcastle