Elle Beyer knows her moves

By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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Age: 29 City: Lincoln Job: Runs two home-based businesses Family: Husband, Lon; and sons, Han, 5; Draegen and Adriel, 3; and Zenock, 1. What do you do for a living? I am a wholesale manzanita supplier for florists, event planners and brides and the co-founder of Peace Love Swap. Peace Love Swap is a company that produces on-going baby, kid, maternity and women’s clothing and gear swaps. People get together at kid-friendly venues and donate their outgrown, gently used clothing and gear. When the swap starts, they get to fill their bag. What are manzanitas? They are a type of tree and I sell the branches. They are used for wedding centerpieces or just for decor. They are the seventh hardest wood in the world. Even though they look small and fragile, they are strong enough to hold votives with candles and big flower balls. How long have you been involved in kung fu? I’ve been training in kung fu for about 10 years. My husband has been training in martial arts since he was seven so that’s over 25 years. He introduced me to the world of martial arts and I kind of fell in love with it. It was always something I wanted to do and it became one of my biggest passions. Why is kung fu your passion? I love that it’s a functional fitness, it’s applicable and can be used in everyday life to protect yourself if ever in need or to protect others. Also, because it’s a beautiful art form and not just a fighting art but a performing art. It’s the best of both worlds. What did you do before running your home-based businesses? My husband and I were performers and professional actors. We were always being cast into martial arts films. We got a chance to travel overseas. What films have you done? We did have one that did get released in the U.S. and it’s called “Almost Related.” It was shot in Thailand. We did another one called “K Star.” It was like “American Idol.” What other countries have you traveled to? We went to China in 2007 and trained with the Shaolin monks on this televised show called “K Star.” It was pretty exciting and it was probably the biggest thing we ever did. It was a really fun experience but we were glad to be going back to the U.S. The hardest challenge was withstanding the Shaolin monk training. From 4:30 am to midnight, we were training all day long. It was grueling and hard. What did you do for your neighborhood this Halloween? We put together a kung fu show for the trick or treaters; we did it just basically for fun. Because we train with the Sacramento parkour community, they said they would be a part of it. Some parkour guys built a vault and one said, ‘I could jump off your roof.’ What is parkour? Parkour is a modern discipline started by David Belle. It’s the Jackie Chan sport, where people are jumping off walls, scaling walls, vaulting off of things, jumping roof top to roof top. It’s a really incredible modern discipline. People who are into it look like Spiderman. They can fit through small spaces and overcome any obstacles. If you would like to see a neighbor or friend featured here, please e-mail or call Stephanie Dumm at 774-7967.