Elected officials, unions run state, says reader

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The current budget under discussion raises your state income tax by 2.5 percent to 5 percent; increases the gas tax by 12 cents to 30 cents per gallon; increases the state sales tax by 1 percent and almost doubles the car-licensing fee. The Sacramento elites don’t pay for their gas, insurance, maintenance or licensing for their cars. We have that privilege and it’s provided to them in the state’s Constitution. You can’t fire, furlough, cut down the 14 paid holidays or cut the salary of a state union employee. The governor tried and looked at what happened! Job security is a state job! The unions run this state. The lobbyists provided the elected ones to live a luxurious lifestyle and we taxpayers have the privilege to pay for it all. The state needs to go bankrupt! Let a judge renegotiate these travesties called union contracts. Contracts that provide a lifetime job, high salary, benefits fit for a king and a retirement package beyond extravagant. We need a tax revolt! Get off your duffs and save yourselves and this state. Darene Sutherland, Lincoln