Eighth-graders show compassion for fellow student and her family

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I just want to share a story about five special eighth-grade girls from Glen Edwards Middle School. One of the students in their eighth-grade class, Kaitlin Shawnee’s mother passed away this week from a long battle of appendix cancer. The girls read the article in The Lincoln Messenger about her mother, Crystal Shawnee, and were touched by her story and concern for her children having clothes and enough food on the table. Saturday night, the girls decided they would get together and try to raise money for the Shawnee family. The girls met at Target around 11 a.m Sunday morning with posters “In Loving Memory of Crystal Shawnee” and her article from The Lincoln Messenger. They collected $577 by 3:30, which they took over to Mr. Shawnee in a box with a card. I just wanted to find a way to thank the Lincoln community for their gracious donations. It was nice to see how many people in our community care about each other and were so eager to help. Kristi Gretler, Lincoln