An early taste of spring … let the sun shine

By: Eileen Marks, Special to The News Messenger
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This winter has been a bit on the rainy side and even included a surprise snowfall. For those like me, who love the feeling of the warm sunlight on our faces, my favorite saying has been, “Rain, rains go away, come again another day!” Having lived in California for the last 25 years, I am fully aware of the impact that a dry year has on our water supply. But I also know how important sunlight is to our spirits. Just when we thought we couldn’t stand another day of rain, the “weather gods” decided to give us a break. The last few weeks have provided us all with an early taste of “spring.” The clouds parted and allowed the sun to shine. As the temperature rose so did all of our spirits. Instead of dodging raindrops, we were basking in the above average “spring like temperatures.” Mother Nature, who usually can’t be fooled, was fooled into thinking that spring was on the way and began to work her magic. My twice-daily dog walks took on a whole new perspective. Instead of having to drag the dogs out of the house and dry us all off upon arriving home, we couldn’t wait to get out into the sunshine. The temperature ranged in the high 60s, low 70s and the plants began to think that spring was just around the corner. Signs of spring were all around us. The beautiful weather produced early buds on the trees, the bushes and the first signs of the spring flowers as they peaked out of the ground. The sun shined into our homes, warming the inside temperature to a level of comfort that suggested that we could open the windows and let the fresh air flow throughout the house. These past few weeks have been a wonderful “weather vacation.” We were all able to grab some sun without flying off to a tropical paradise. Rain is once again in the forecast and that is a good sign. Our water supply will be able to further replenish itself. On Saturday morning, I walked my dogs under the cloud of a potential rainstorm. The sunshine was nowhere to be seen. And then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of my favorite signs of spring. As I walked off of the walking path onto the street, I noticed fully bloomed daffodils as they popped out of a neighbor’s flowerbed. On my way home, the clouds opened up and revealed just enough rays of sunlight to brighten my day. Daffodils and sunshine, two very powerful signs that it won’t be long before the real deal, spring, will brighten all of our days on a regular basis. It is definitely something to look forward to! Eileen Marks can be reached at To read more of her writing, check out her Web site at