Drought is over for BMR's Grewohl at Speedway

By: Jeannie Broussal, Special to The Press Tribune
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After crossing the finish line first in the Toyota TRD 100-lap race at All American Speedway in Roseville, Late Model driver Bobby Grewohl was relieved.


"It's about time," Grewohl said.


Grewohl got the number one qualifying effort with a 14.017 lap.  With an invert of four, Ron Chunn sat on the pole with Shannon Mansch on the outside of row one.  Mansch took the lead on lap one, and Grewohl was up to second by lap three.  On lap 25, Grewohl got around Mansch for the lead.


Meanwhile Matt Scott,  Jonathan Mawhinney, John Moore, Zane Lovelace and Justin Henry were battling it out behind the leaders.  On lap 27, Moore got around Scott for third, and on lap 55, Moore took second away from Mansch.


On lap 59, Scott's car caught on fire.  The safety crew put the fire out and Scott went to pit road, but was back on the track for the restart.  On lap 68, Henry took over third while Grewohl held off Moore and took the checkered for his first win of the year.


"It feels good," Grewohl said.  "The car ran good.  We have been working on this car so hard.  It was sitting for a while, and then we got a huge sponsor with Pick-n-Pull.  We got the car back out, and we have been getting better and better every week.  The Bill McAnally Racing guys are working their tails off. It is paying off. The drought is over."


In Modified racing, Scott Winters qualified number one. With the invert, Jason Philpot started from the pole followed by Wes Miller.  Gary Glenn took over second on lap one, and Winters was up to third by lap three.  On lap 14, Glenn took over the lead with a strong car.  On lap 15, Winters moved to second.  Glenn and Winters put on a good show for the fans, racing side-by-side.  On lap 37, Winters took the lead and went on to win his fourth Modified race of the year.


"The heat is turning up here," Winters said.  "The track got a little slick. My crew chief put a great setup under the car, and we set fast time and came from fourth to win it."


Glenn was second, Philpot third, Miller was fourth, and Nik Romano was fifth.


Mickey Owens took the win in Street Stocks and did a fabulous burnout for the fans.  He qualified number one with a 14.921 lap.  With the invert, Matt Cockrum, (who earlier won the trophy dash) started from the pole followed by Bryan Tomerrasson.


Cockrum held the lead until lap four when Owens got around him. On lap five, Chris Lambert took second away from Cockrum. Owens led from lap four all the way to the checkered flag. Lambert was second, Wayne Crossland was third, Cockrum was fourth, and Mel Wilson rounded out the top five.


Eric Bocksberger ended his dry spell with a win in Bomber racing. 


"It feels good," Bocksberger said.  "The car was good, I love racing with Cody. We were neck-and-neck and side-by-side. That is the best kind of racing.  Win or lose, it was the best race I have had in years. Cody is a great driver, it was just fun all the way around."


Cody Rickard qualified number one. With the invert, David Thompson started from the pole, followed by Matt Camp.


On lap number two, Camp got into Thompson sending him spinning. Camp was sent to the rear and Bocksberger took over the lead, followed by Rickard, Jim McGinnis, Keith Hopkinson, and Luke Kaper.


On lap nine Rickard took the lead from Bocksberger, and then on lap 22, Bocksberger took it back, and went on to take the checkered flag. Rickard and Bocksberger put on a fantastic show for the fans, racing side-by-side for many laps.


In NCMA Sprint Car racing, David Goodwill from Napa qualified number one and won the race. 


"It was a pretty good race," Goodwill said.  "The track was slick after it got some oil down, but it worked out for us.”


This is Goodwill's third win of the season.


Next Saturday, All American Speedway will feature No. 8 NASCAR championship race for Late Models.  There will also be racing in Street Stocks, Bombers, WSRA and SRS. 



Saturday’s final results:


1. No. 20 Bobby Grewohl

2. No. 27 John Moore

3. No. 31 Justin Henry

4. No. 61 Shannon Mansch

5. No. 46 Zane Lovelace

6. No. 51 Chris Scribner

7. No. 44 Ron Chunn

8. No. 35 Matt Scott

9. No. 5 Brian Koski

10. No. 17 Jonathan Mawhinney

11. No. 24 Tyler Thomas



1. No. 24 Scott Winters

2. No. 50 Gary Glenn

3. No. 15 Jason Philpot

4. No. 7 Nik Romano

5. No. 21 Josh Brock

6. No. 22 Troy Nagosek

7. No. 39 Like Kaper

8. No. 33 Bud Anderson

9. No. 12 David Crouch

10. No. 3 Nick Bonachea

11. No. 2 Ryan Peter

12. No. 63 Leroy Hunt

13. No. 57 Wes Miller

14. No. 9 Scott Heminover

15. No. 20 Scot Alves

16. No. 5 Jason Bamberg

DQ: No. 77 Michael Ostrowski



1. No. 08 Mickey Owens

2. No. 50 Chris Lambert

3. No. 14 Wayne Crossland

4. No.8 Matt Cockrum

5. No. 2 Mel Wilson

6. No. 71 Randy Owens

7. No. 77 Ray Mood

8. No. 21 Kevin Owens

9. No. 80 Bryan Tomerrasson

10. No. 6 Spencer Emerson

11. No. 66 Joseph Colorado

12. No. 16 Gary Campora

13. No. 11 Matt Collier

14. No. 86 Dave Silva

15. No. 79 Eric Martinez

16. No. 07 Travis Henry

17. No. 33 Michael Gorham

18. No. 31 Jim McGinnis

19. No. 13 Max Unterbach

20. No. 20 Mario Davis



1. No. 23 Eric Bocksberger

2. No. 24 Cody Rickard

3. No. 3 Jim McGinnis

4. No. 92 Mark Anderson

5. No. 37 David Thompson

6. No. 9 Harry Lambert

7. No. 52 Matt Camp

8. No. 73 Gary Eisenhour

9. No. 12 Denise Lambert

10. No. 15 Kenny Beaumont

11. No. 74 Terry Thomas, Jr.

12. No. 89 Walter Silva

13. No. 77 Erick Ray

14. No. 30 Steve Runkle

15. No. 53 Rick Anable

16. No. 39 Luke Kaper

17. No. 50 Richard Perez

DQ: No. 22 Keith Hopkinson

DQ: No. 5 Todd Clapham



1. No. 3 David Goodwill

2. No. 77 David Burchett

3. No. 17 Rob Hammond

4. No. 50 Don Emory

5. No. 6 Steve Amador

6. No. 76 Ed Amador

7. No. 24 David Diaz