Dress for the ride – brightly if you please

Bike column
By: Victor Freeman - special to News Messenger
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As we were driving home the other night along Ferrari Road, we suddenly came upon several bicyclists riding on the side of the road.

We didn’t see them until we were on top of them. They were in dark colors with no reflection whatsoever on clothing or bikes.

This is an accident waiting to happen. 

Always remember to wear a reflective band on your sleeves, ankles, or back and a reflective device on your bicycle. Bright colored shirts, vests or jackets are good at any time of the day or night.

During the cold and windy months, it is very important to wear appropriate clothing while riding.

I suggest wearing long sleeves as well as pants.  I like to wear a windbreaker type of jacket rather than a sweater because it better protects me from the wind and elements.

Sometimes, it doesn’t feel too cold while standing still but, when you start riding, that changes in a hurry. Remember to wear gloves as well or your hands will become cold and stiff in a short time.

You of course have your helmet on so your head should be OK.

If it is really chilly, a cap under the helmet might be helpful.

Keep in mind it is better to dress in layers as you can remove some clothing if you become too warm. It is enjoyable to ride in cold weather if you are prepared but miserable if you are shivering and cold.

Specialized bicycle clothing can be fun and stylish, colorful and very expensive but not necessary to have a good ride.

Another tip to remember is to always carry a cell phone when you ride, even if it’s only a short ride.

Enjoy your ride and be safe in all types of weather by being prepared.

Victor Freeman is a

Lincoln resident and an avid bicyclist.