Don't penalize merchants to get back at City Council

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There are many potholes in life and the people of the Red Hawk and Hawk’s Landing subdivisions are facing one now. They have angrily expressed their unhappiness over the closing of Moore Road and the fact that the Sorrento Parkway has not been built on schedule. I recently drove the two substitute routes that are necessary for them to use during the construction of the parkway that will make life easier for them and I found that the roads are rough but not as bad as expressed in a letter to the editor last week. I also timed the drives and found that getting to the school would add about eight minutes by the Nelson Road route and about 10 minutes to get to the Raley’s Center by the Fiddyment/Athens route. Admittedly, they add additional times to busy schedules but they are not outrageous delays. Reread the letter to the editor (A4, News Messenger April 9, “Getting parkway built is best solution for Lincoln”) by Michael Storz for some clarification about the situation involving the delay; getting the parkway and the bypass built quickly is the best answer. Life is not always a smooth road, just a desirable one. Most importantly, don’t punish the business community for the injustice that you feel has been done to you by CalTrans and city officials. Keep in mind that Lincoln businesses are not as far away as Rocklin or Roseville - and these hardworking business-owners have done nothing to deserve your boycott. Use this time to get better acquainted with your fellow Lincoln citizens and businesspeople - you’d be surprised how many of them are your neighbors. Thank you. Konnie Fritts, Lincoln