Don’t play on the highway

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Almost daily, we’re asked the inevitable question “When’s the opening date?” It seems tens of thousands of commuters just can’t wait to use the State Highway 65 Lincoln Bypass. While the opening is approximately six months away, a handful of community members aren’t waiting. Instead, they are ignoring the numerous “Road Closed” signs and barricades and using the soon-to-be completed thoroughfare as a walkway, bike path or shortcut. For you and your neighbor’s safety, we are reminding Lincoln and Sheridan residents that the 12-mile stretch of roadway and bridges remains an active construction zone, which is not safe for pedestrians and bicyclists. We wouldn’t want a bicyclist or a pedestrian stumbling on the uneven pavement or trying to dodge one of the many contractor and Caltrans vehicles that travel weekdays and weekends along the bypass. Even though construction slowed for the winter, we still are working on erosion control and electrical projects, such as installing electrical conduit, constructing drainage pipe and applying erosion control. Now that spring has arrived, it is even more crucial for you to stay off the bypass. In the coming weeks, you’ll see construction activity picking up and heavy equipment ranging from asphalt-hauling semi-trailers to steel drum rollers on the roadway. It has been nearly four years since we broke ground. Now we’re headed down the construction backstretch. If everything goes as scheduled, we should reach the finish line by October and finally switch the Lincoln Bypass signs to read “Road Open.” Jody Jones, director, Caltrans District 3