Don’t let Measure J dig deeper into your pockets

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The value of Proposition 13 has slowly been whittled away by a multitude of bond measures, including Mello Roos and now Measure J. As voters, we worked hard to stop the rapid increases in property taxes under the Jarvis-Gann initiative known as Prop. 13. In the decades since, our politicians have found creative ways around Prop 13 via school bonds, Mello-Roos bonds and special bonds. Measure J loans money to Western Placer schools and the principle and interest is paid by property owners within your property tax bill. Consider this - schools receive money from the federal government via taxes, the state government via taxes, the state Lottery (which was supposed to solve the school funding issues), via Mello-Roos bonds via property taxes and via special school bonds via property taxes. Once again, the politicians are trying to get their hands in the pockets of property owners to provide even more money to the schools. The problem isn’t lack of income for the schools; it is poor fiscal management. Tell our county that we pay too much in taxes already and vote no on Measure J and keep your property tax bill down. John Geoffrey, Lincoln