Don’t attack Sun City Lincoln Hills residents

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I have been reading the letters for the last week about the attack on Kim's County Kitchen. Was it really an attack or one person stating her opinion? It always comes down, it seems, to people who have lived in Lincoln a long time attacking the ones of us who are new. Or, to be more specific, those of us who live in Lincoln Hills. I found it very interesting that Ms. Caps was thought to be from Lincoln Hills. I am so tired of our area being attacked and resented. My late husband and I moved here four years ago and loved the town of Lincoln and tried as much as possible to patronize the businesses here in Lincoln because it was our town now too. I have been reading the Messenger now for four years and every time there is a controversy, the Lincoln Hills attacks start. We worked hard all our lives and decided to leave the Bay Area when my husband retired. We found this wonderful area that we felt comfortable moving to. We were not rich but got a good price for our Fremont home to enable us to move here. I can understand the feelings of the people who have lived here most or all of the lives as we went through that in Fremont. I have eaten at Kim's and found the animals on the wall to be a non-issue. And by the way, people in the Bay Area hunt. Another attack on the Bay Area people, as if the people in Lincoln were the only hunters in the state. I love where I live and I love my new home town, but I am hurt and angry that the people I live around are so demonized by people, maybe only a few, who write into your paper. I wish that this would end, but I have a feeling that it won't. I respect everyone being able to voice their opinion, not only the ones who agree with me and think that they should respect other people being able to do the same. JoAnn Faria, Lincoln