Don’t renew the permit

By: Fran Neves
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Dear editor and citizens of Lincoln, we must convince our City Council members not  to renew Northern Energy Propane Company’s (previously known as Heritage Propane or AmeriGas) permit at its present location.
We cannot chance the loss of our wonderful city and the loss of lives that might ensue, should there ever be another “accident.”
The company can be relocated to a safer place.
Don’t wait until the Aug. 13 City Council meeting to voice your concerns.
Phone or email our City Council members before the meeting. Their contact information is in the paper and on the city’s website.
I’d like to see a “Do you support renewing the Northern Energy Propane Company permit? “yes” or “no” questionnaire in The Lincoln News Messenger and on the city’s excellent e-bulletin where
residents could simply cut out the survey and mail it in or reply by email.
This most important decision will affect all  residents of Lincoln, not just the downtown area.
I don’t understand why the Planning Commission is not supporting the city staff’s direction to revoke the permit.
Please do your part.
Don’t leave this very important decision up to a few people and then regret it later.
Fran Neves, Lincoln

Editor’s note: What do Lincoln residents think? Let us know by 11 a.m. Wednesday whether the city should keep the Northern Energy Propane Company in its present downtown location or whether the city should have the company move to a safer, less populated area. We will publish results next Thursday. Email your answers to, mail to 553 F St., Lincoln, CA 95648 or call office manager Shoni Jones at 645-7733.
Public needs to be involved
We need your help.
 You may recall that on Aug. 23, 2011, our city could have been leveled … completely destroyed … by an explosion at the propane facility.
 A rail tanker filled with 30,000 gallons of propane caught fire and 10,000 Lincoln residents were evacuated for fear that the tanker would explode.