Don’t let go of farmlands

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Current applications to change farmlands into private event centers have found a loophole that sacrifices farmlands, will allow hundreds of customers year round, at all hours, for all kinds of activities, and bring unacceptable noise and traffic to neighbors and rural roads. 

Private, for-profit, commercial events in pastoral agricultural farmlands are both incompatible with surrounding communities and the opposite of true, traditional “community centers,” that are owned by nonprofits or governments and rented to the public at minimal rates.

Landowners claim they need these large event revenues to preserve agriculture in Placer County.  However, many are on parcels that were split (sold for profit) so that they are now too small for sustainable operations.  They readily admit that they don’t even grow their own produce or product ingredients — they import from other counties.  That’s a loss for Placer farmlands and a foot in the door for conversions to commercial zoning.

Call, write, e-mail, and phone your supervisor to tell them to deny these applications.  Events must be held in appropriate commercial zones and farmlands saved honestly by upholding zoning ordinances.

Ernie Jay, Auburn