Don’t be fooled by Measure J supporters

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The proponents of Measure J, the $163 million tax increase, like to point to the "Citizen’s Oversight Committee." Instituted in November 2000, these “committees" have never been effective – only serving as a rubber stamp for the information given to them. They are window dressing intended to fool voters into believing the bond has citizen oversight and accountability. A great example is the “Citizen’s Oversight Committee” with the Robert F. Kennedy School in Los Angeles. The “committee” did nothing to slow their irresponsible overspending. When asked by the Wall Street Journal (Sept. 4, 2010) whether that school’s plush amenities and architectural flourishes were necessary, Thomas Rubin, a consultant for Los Angeles’ bond “Citizen’s Oversight Committee,” was blunt: "Did we have to do that? Hell no. But there’s no accounting for taste.” Western Placer Unified School District currently has $287 million in school construction debt that had no oversight, which is evidenced by the $5 million spent on plush new “administration offices.” We currently have higher taxes over the next 40 years to pay that back. Now they want to even further increase our taxes by $163 million … but this time they have a “Citizen’s Oversight Committee”? Do not be fooled. Ken Campbell, Lincoln