Does Jeeves go after controversy?

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Last September, I wrote a letter to The News Messenger welcoming Kathy and Jeeves back with their weekly news column. In that letter, I complimented the fact that “Jeeves also serves a useful purpose in getting readers to take a greater interest in community affairs.” In her weekly article, Kathy also wrote “ … when all the facts are known, he (Jeeves) forms an opinion.” I now find myself embarrassed that I wrote the welcoming letter a few months ago. Instead of gathering “all the facts,” it appears that the author would rather spend time engaging in controversy, including personal attacks on citizens who are devoting their time to community service in various forms. Kathy chose to spend her time accusing one resident of “lacking the guts to apologize” and attacking another resident for “trying to settle old scores (with the City Council)” and suggested that the resident should “get behind the Lincoln agenda.” Who anointed Kathy to determine what the “Lincoln agenda” represents? It has become evident that both Kathy and Jeeves have a hidden agenda and would rather spend their time sniping and engaging in character assassinations instead of utilizing their time and capabilities productively. What a shame and what a disservice to the community! Jim Datzman, Lincoln