Dick Huser enjoys several careers

By: Stephanie Dumm, News Messenger Reporter
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Name: Dick Huser Age: 80 City: Lincoln Family: Married to Arlene for 38 years Dick Huser is a Lincoln resident who has penned two books, “Confessions of a Sinister Minister” and “My Anxiety is Better Than Your Anxiety.” Call Huser at 434-1482 for more information about his books. Have you always been a minister? “I started out as a Methodist pastor in Monterey in a mortuary chapel. We built a church in 1959 and I left the ministry in 1960 to see the world.” What did you do when you left the ministry? “I moved to San Jose to be in life insurance. I went from fire insurance to life insurance and I was in life insurance for 10 years. Did you miss the church?” “No. I felt very free and unencumbered.” Did you like working in life insurance? “I hated it. I went from assistant manager, to manager to district manager. Out of the blue, started as a new vice president and I got fired. I became a bartender in Sacramento at a place called the Elegant Barn, a hippie cook-your-own steak place.” Did you like being a bartender? “After a year of bartending, I decided it wasn’t my life calling. I sold coffee, I started a coffee service business where we put a machine in an office hoping people would buy it. I spent 12 years in hard labor with the coffee company.” What hard labor was that? “Putting up with my employees. They wear you out.” What did you do after working in the coffee business? “One of my sons became a route driver for me and met a young lady on his route who was running a public-records retrieval business. We three founded Search West, and eight years later, sold it to Prentice Hall Legal and Financial Services.” What happened when it was sold? “Prentice Hall hired me as a national seminar director to go around the country and educate their clients on how to access and apply public records. My son is still in the business. I retired from Prentice Hall in 1990 after three years of traveling around the country, airplanes and airports, discomfort. Meanwhile, I had a loving wife at home.” What did you do next? “I got a call from the district superintendent of Methodist Church for this area, who asked me to start a church in Lake of the Pines. We started the church in a middle-school gymnasium.” How was that? “It was ghastly! Gyms smell and it was difficult to begin from nothing and make into something. We started with 10 families in January 1990. We built a church overlooking Bear River High School with 250 members in 1997.” Had you worked as a minister in the area before Lakes of the Pines? “I commuted from Cool when I was in the coffee business and started back in the ministry. I made an honest living during the week and I became a pastor during the weekend. The church in Georgetown had 50 members when I came in 1972, and the congregation grew to 200 members, thanks to my wife who was a hottie. Her name is Arlene.” How long have you two been married? “Thirty-eight years. She had one girl I adopted and I already had three children. We moved to Cool from Sacramento when we moved to the Georgetown church.” Where did you go from there? “Downhill. I retired in 2000 and came to Lincoln Hills.” What did you like about being a minister? “I don’t remember. We made a lot of friends, had a lot of fun and it gave Arlene a chance to do stained glass and crafts for the kids. It’s where she blossomed and sparkled. She built the church; all I did was talk.” What did you like about living in Cool? “The beauty. We were lucky enough to build a home on the hillside and had a view of the Sierras. It was 14 acres filled with foxes, deer, raccoons, skunks and birds. It was a wondrous place.” Why did you move to Lincoln? “Because of the love of Sun City and the amenities.” What are your favorite Sun City activities? “Napping and my second favorite is writing a new book and e-mails.” Why do you write? “To prevent me from making mistakes in my free time.” If you would like to see a neighbor or friend featured here, please e-mail or call Stephanie Dumm at 774-7967.