Day dreaming can be lethal

Bike column
By: By Vic Freeman Special to The News Messenger
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It is so important to stay focused while riding your bike.

You must be aware of everything around you for your own safety as well as that of others.

Many times, I have caught myself thinking about all kinds of subjects, instead of paying full attention to riding the bike.

By staying focused, I mean to have all your senses working for you.

Just using your eyes is not enough. Many times, sounds are just as vital in keeping you from getting into trouble.

Listen for vehicles approaching from behind. Be aware of that train whistle, kids playing on the side of the street, ruts or gravel on the road or path, barking dogs or any other sound that could be a warning or distraction.

For this reason, I never wear a device to listen to music or whatever. Clearing your mind for the ride can almost be a form of meditation.

Always keep in mind that being on a bike is potentially a dangerous situation. Even a slight distraction may cause a painful fall so it is very important to stay focused and pay attention to everything around you.

Riding a bike and enjoying the scenery is a great experience but remember not to get so absorbed with all the sights that you neglect to observe what is happening on the road ahead or behind you.

Most accidents can be avoided just by watching for little “obstacles” that may be in your way.

By the way, always have a rear view mirror on your bike handle bar or on the helmut.

Until next time ... enjoy your ride!

Vic Freeman is a Lincoln resident and avid bicyclist.