Davys choose Joiner, Short and Cross for City Council

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Like many of Lincoln’s residents, we bought on the high side and suffered the loss of property values and business losses during the financial meltdown.

Although angry about the new economic reality, we didn’t blame city officials, as they are not economic soothsayers any more than the rest of us who didn’t see it coming.

Fast growth and demands for expanded services were addressed by city leaders. Where were you and the new group of candidates then? Where were their cries of mismanagement before the crash?

Instead of us taking responsibility as a community, opportunistic blaming began and each of you citizens shirk your responsibility in the decisions made and cry for the council’s heads on pikes. Shame on you.

We choose not to support the inexperienced want-to-be leaders who rally the replacement of the city’s incumbents.

We will stand with the serious and dedicated, thoughtful and venerable leaders who stood in the face of the vile political conversations of the past few years, rolled up their sleeves and helped our community work through the tough times.

We stand for Paul Joiner, Spencer Short and Dan Cross and believe you should too.

Brian and Kim Davy, Lincoln