Daughter is owed apology

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Mr. Don Stewart – In response to the comments about “What happened to dress code at LHS,”(Letters to the Editor, page 4 May 21 News Messenger), I was very disappointed in the comments you made about my daughter. She has never broken the dress code and did not expose herself in any way in the photo. Unless you call tan lines from a swim suit being exposed. What you stated, “… what struck me as very bizarre were the exposed breasts in the center of the photo” was blatantly wrong and hurtful to a young lady. When the paper is viewed by you, please do not look at the local papers in such a perverted way. And instead, focus attention on the great things that are happening at our local high school. I strongly request that a public apology is in order to her and all the other female students at the high school. Kevin Tenborg, Lincoln