Dan Cross deserves your vote for Lincoln City Council

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He recognizes you can’t change history so he doesn’t waste the voters’ time by bashing individuals who’ve occupied council seats in the past.

More importantly, he recognizes that we can only influence our future so that’s where he places his emphasis.  He understands the General Fund has suffered through the recession and that remedies include more businesses generating useful products and services for Lincoln residents and sales taxes for the General Fund.

Thus, a business-friendly environment is necessary to encourage existing businesses to prosper and new businesses to develop their presence.

Dan understands that real estate taxes and sales taxes are the primary revenue sources for the city’s General Fund and that we can do little in the short term to generate more real estate tax. But we can do more to generate sales tax revenue, like adding a regional outlet mall and more small businesses.

Adding businesses would also encourage home builders to resume their activity, thus eventually adding homes to the real estate tax rolls.

Lincoln has a bright future. Make it shine with an intelligent choice that would place Dan Cross on the Lincoln City Council.

Paul Apfel, Lincoln