Cut Citizens on Patrol program, says reader

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I, for one, say that in order to trim a very small portion of the budget shortfall, we should be eliminating the Citizens on Patrol program. Yes, I know they are well-meaning, unpaid volunteers, but I am sure the program costs the city a lot of money from the expensive gas they burn, the big cars they drive, training, etc. As a citizen, what respect would one have if, instead of catching those committing dangerous crimes or helping the busy police department with crowd control, they pick and choose people at random to write tickets for having For Sale signs in their parked car window? It is an infringement on our rights to freedom of speech (the first amendment in our Bill of Rights). What is the next step? Tickets for bumper stickers, writings on our car windows, or signs stating our religious beliefs or which political party we favor? Do we need that type of harassment? I say no. Does that make our city better? I say no. I am so thankful that we live in a city where there is nothing more pressing than to look for For Sale signs in the windows of automobiles. For the Citizens on Patrol that use common sense, you have my sincerest apology. As a taxpayer I say the finances spent on the Citizens on Patrol program would be better spent elsewhere. Fred Potts, Lincoln