Culbertsons thank Lincoln

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The families of Robert Culbertson would like to thank the Lincoln community for wrapping their loving arms around us during this very difficult time. 

We cannot thank those of you enough who called, stopped by, brought food, brought flowers, offered encouragement and most of all prayers. We will be forever grateful. 

The way this community came together in our time of need made us proud to be a part of such a wonderful city. 

Thank you all so very much.

Annie, Taylor and Bo Culbertson; Caroline and Phillip Steele; Jeff, Jenifer, Colby, Kristi and Caitlin Culbertson; Mike, Anna, Michael and Kyle Culbertson; Debbie, Denise, Trinity, Gabriella,  Kenneth, Jessica, Rachael and Rob Culbertson; Todd Culbertson and Patrick Culbertson, Lincoln