Cuenca supported by Scout parent

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I have known Allen Cuenca for over 10 years. Our sons are growing up together and are active in our Boy Scout troop. Allen has served as an adult leader, giving up hundreds of days of his time to help Lincoln Scouts have a great outdoor and civic minded experience.

Allen was the only person to champion the idea that high-density housing should not be located in a single area of town. He made sure the plans drawn up for the city’s old wastewater treatment plant would not include high-density apartments and action that would have further brought down the west part of town had that happened.

Allen is the Neighborhood Watch captain for our subdivision of 200 homes. He has created a Facebook page for all of us to stay connected. His home is the site for the annual National Night Out events and he organizes our annual block garage sale. Beyond all of that, he and his family are always there to help when asked for any number of things that need to be done to keep the community in harmony.

Allen’s experience, wit, and ties to our community are a valuable asset and I strongly urge you to join me in supporting his bid for a City Council seat.

Mark Liechty, Lincoln