Cuenca is involved in community

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If there is a community event, you can usually find Allen Cuenca there. Allen and his wife, Jocelyn along with their two teenage children, are very active in the community. In addition, my family sees them at church, Scout events, Lincoln High School football games, etc. You get the picture. They are involved and have been for the 11 years I’ve known them.

My daughter and their son are in the same grade. Our girls were in Girl Scouts together and our sons in Boy Scouts. When you have a family that grows up in what is still the small town of Lincoln, people stand out as you interact with them. The Cuencas are one of these families I’m proud to know.

Allen has kept us informed for years now with his “Lincoln News” e-mails. He truly has the best interests of the residents at heart. Allen’s commitment to the community is well known and his qualifications to be on City Council are numerous. He has more education, work experience and desire to serve than most and I am telling everyone I know to vote for him. Lincoln would benefit from having Allen on the City Council. Vote for Allen!

Kitty Sutcliffe, Lincoln