Cuenca explains why he’s been called ‘hothead’

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In February 2002, the city had given approval for Tower Mart to open a business in my neighborhood at the corner of Nicholas Road and Lakeside Drive. Our community was very excited for Tower Mart until they learned what Tower Mart planned. Many residents of the community met with both Tower Mart and the city in an attempt to negotiate the Tower Mart plan. Neighbors were concerned with the Tower Mart plan, which included a full service carwash, eight gas pumps, extended hours and selling alcohol. These plans did not fit with our quiet neighborhood. Listening to my neighbors, I spearheaded the effort to limit the size and activities that Tower Mart could bring to our neighborhood. This act alone seems to me why I keep hearing rumors of my being a “hothead.” The fact that I am passionate about keeping the community I live in a safe one, especially when it concerns our children, does not make one a ‘hot head’ by any stretch of one’s imagination. In the end, it was negotiated to eliminate the carwash, reduce the number of pumps from 8 to 6, close shop at 10 p.m. and not sell alcohol. In April 2003 Tower Mart had to come back to the Planning Commission due to a technicality. At this time, I had been appointed to and was serving on the Planning Commission. When it came time for a vote, I actually thanked Tower Mart for listening to the concerns of the nearby residents and I voted yes for the project. Reference Planning Commission meeting minutes April 16, 2003. If anyone should have any questions, please contact me at 390-1003 or Thanks Allen Cuenca, Lincoln (City Council candidate)