Cuenca cares and has our support for election

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With the City Council election in the next few weeks, now is the time to solidify our votes. Our vote goes to a man who, from the start, has had a heart for Lincoln. We support a candidate who: understands the needs of our children and is an advocate for youth programs and facilities; understands the importance for the historic preservation and revitalization of our downtown; understands that the past is what gave Lincoln its base and its start; and understands that the future is what will give Lincoln its name and its legacy. Perhaps the most important point is that we support a candidate whom we actually know. Allen Cuenca is someone who has had real experience as a current member of the Lincoln Planning Commission and former chairman. Knowing the Cuenca family for the last seven years, we have seen Allen do more than lip service. Allen actually gets involved in issues that affect our livelihood in Lincoln. He has also demonstrated excellent communications skills and follow-through. We believe that communication may be one of the most important attributes in a City Council member, right next to transparency. We are confident in saying that in issues which affect his family, our family, your family and ultimately, our town, Allen Cuenca will take an interest and make decisions which will make us proud to live in Lincoln. Allen Cuenca will be an asset to our City Council. It has been said that it is what a man says and does, when no one is looking, that determines his integrity ... we have been looking for many years now and Allen consistently steps forward to get involved. He assesses a situation for the best outcome for his fellow Lincolnites. His opinions are the same whether shared in the boardroom or on the street. He counts on the opinions of others to inform, not persuade. He fairly makes the best choice dependent upon research, experience and education. We just had to speak up for Allen Cuenca; he is what we believe will help Lincoln move forward. Vote Cuenca for Council. Our future is important, how about yours? Vincent and Marlene Marello, Lincoln