Cuenca’s friend urges voters

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I would like to introduce you to my friend, Allen Cuenca. Allen is the neighbor who will always show up to help with a project, the first parent to volunteer to help, the first friend who will call or show up to make sure you are OK in tough times. I’ve rarely known a person as dedicated, committed, and caring as Allen. My family has been proud and thankful to know the Cuenca family for more than eight years. In all that time, I have seen him give selflessly of himself to Cub and Boy Scouts, to the schools, the church, the Kiwanis, etc. He has not let the city forget that we need Scout Hall rebuilt one day soon. He deeply cares about Lincoln and I think he has a fresh and unique perspective that would benefit all of Lincoln. He deserves a shot at improving our city. I hope you will consider him when you vote in this election. Jennifer Langle Pattison, Lincoln