Council, for now, waives temporary signage fees

Current cost to display banners is $22
By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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The waiving of temporary sign fees and a desire to relocate the Placer County Fairgrounds and All-American Speedway to Lincoln were discussed during Tuesday night?s brief City Council meeting. After hearing resident and city staff input, City Council voted to waive the fees for temporary signage until Jan. 1, 2013. That?s because, according to City Manager Jim Estep, the city has been working with the Economic Development Committee to ?potentially amend certain sections of the ordinance with regard to duration and size.? Two Lincoln residents addressed the council regarding the city?s current sign ordinance. Lee Guth, who served on the fiscal sustainability committee, wanted to know how much the city had budgeted this year for the temporary sign ordinance. It currently costs $22 to display a temporary sign in the city. ?Since we never really know how many signs will come in, they aren?t budgeted for because any given year, we could have any given number coming in,? Estep said. Marilyn Courage, the Lincoln High School Booster Club president, talked about how the city taking down a sign advertising an upcoming fundraiser for the organization could impact their ability to raise monies. ?I ask you why the sign supports were destroyed. Couldn?t they have contacted the group to save them?? Courage said. ?You could have posted a notice to remove it at the threat of loss.? The fundraiser in question is a July 28 and 29 performance of ?The Lucky O?Learys,? a play that will feature the Lincoln Hills Players at the Lincoln High School theater. Proceeds go to the high school?s Booster Club. A sign was at Ferrari Ranch Road near one of the Sun City Lincoln Hills entrances. ?It?s crucial to the success of the play to have Sun City residents there,? Courage said. ?Can you allow a nonprofit a limited number of days to advertise, with an agreement of the number of days and an agreement for when the sign needs to be removed?? Estep said the city will ?typically try to identify the owner of a sign? before taking it down. ?If there?s some sort of phone number on there to call, we will do that. In this case, there wasn?t,? Estep said. Safety was a factor when taking the booster?s sign down, according to Estep. ?The location it was put up and the manner it was put up, the way it was constructed, while appeared to be OK, if you had a large gust of wind, some of these might fall over and hurt someone and get in the roadway,? Estep said. Council also voted to send a ?letter of consideration? to the Placer County Board of Supervisors ?for the relocation of the Placer County Fairgrounds and All-American Speedway to the city of Lincoln.? Mayor Spencer Short requested the letter of recommendation at a recent City Council meeting. ?The fair is near and dear to us that live in Placer County,? Short said. ?It?s a great facility to have and I think it?s important we safeguard that type of use for family functions. I?d like to bring as many uses as possible.? John Javidan, general manager of the Placer County Fair and Events Center, spoke at the City Council meeting. ?I just want to thank you for speaking this morning and welcome the opportunity to work on this,? Javidan said. Javidan was referring to Short addressing the Placer County Board of Supervisors Tuesday morning about moving the fairgrounds to Lincoln. See the fair story on page A1 for more information.