Council Candidates Hydrick and Barney the “People’s Choice”

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These two young men, Gabriel Hydrick and Reid Barney, bring energy and enthusiasm to this position of City Council. They are both college graduates with degrees in their chosen field. Their ideas for reform within the management of the city are committed. They both are family men raising children in our community with Gab Hydrick having three and Reid Barney having four. Many of us who reside in the community feel that we need to balance out the council with some younger people and not elect a group of senior citizens. They both are apposed to Measure K and feel the city needs to manage current resources with better results. We have found ourselves with bloated salaries, overpriced consultants, vacant buildings and elimination of public safety personal. As married young fathers, they will be spending family time at meetings for the welfare of the city. It is without hesitation that this Sun City Lincoln Hills household supports and endorses these two young men. Walt Ernest, Lincoln