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Costco on J. R. Conkey property at corner of Luther Road and Highway 49? Now how did that happen? Read on and you decide. J R Conkey & Assoc has partnered with Solar Power Inc. of Roseville to form Solar Power Integrator?s Inc. (SPIC) Solar Power Inc., and SPIC have them same agent for Process registered with the Secretary of State. Look at both of these. Supervisor Uhler is Senior Vice President of Solar Power Inc. Check this site: Supervisor Weygandt?s brother owns stock in Solar Power Inc. Check this site See Page 57, bottom: Was not Costco planned for Nevada Street, with-in the Auburn city limits? Has the Conkey-Solar Power Inc.-SPIC-Supervisor Weygandt-Supervisor Uhler connection affected this? Do you think this will be approved by the Board of Supervisors? Does the words ?I got this thing wired,? or ?Slam-dunk? mean anything to you?