Controversy has generated business for restaurant

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I would like to respond to the letter What happened to respecting animals? I have lived in Lincoln for 37 years. I have been a patron of Kim's Country Kitchen from the opening day and thanks to Kim's Country Kitchen, some of the small-town look is back to our city. The heads that are on display are mostly game animals that the country people lived on in years gone by. The lives were not taken just so their heads could be on the walls of Kim's Country Kitchen, they are a lasting symbol of years gone by and a monument to the life of the noble animals that feed the old timers that founded small towns like Lincoln. After only one day of the article by Bonnie Caps being in the Lincoln New Messenger, business has been brisk, thanks to Ms. Caps. People of Lincoln that didn't know of our small-town restaurant are coming in to enjoy all it has to offer. My personal opinion it that the owners should thank Ms. Caps for the advertisement, even if it is her short-sighted opinion. One other note: Bonnie Caps, we love our small town and Kim's Country Kitchen. George Lester, Lincoln Hunting is part of Lincoln living I want to quickly defend and show my support for Kim's Country Kitchen. Many Lincoln residents are hunters. It is a sport and hobby shared by generations, as evidenced by the M&M Fishery, the gun range and the old pheasant hunting range ¦ all here in Lincoln. Most folks use their prizes for more than ornamentation, by using the available meat to feed their families. Kim and her husband Dennis ran a wonderful restaurant that has a good long (in Lincoln terms) history and I'm glad she went back into the restaurant business. They make the best biscuits and gravy, in a casual atmosphere where you can overhear long-time residents speak of their crops, herds and horses. This is what Lincoln was, long before Target, Starbucks and Raleys. All those are good, too, but it is a different kind of hunting. Susan Huntzinger, Lincoln