Consequences of drunk driving

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Carol Feineman’s, Nov. 15 editorial (Page A4), “Don’t get behind a steering wheel if you’re drinking,” provides many statistics, locally, statewide and nationally, on injuries and deaths resulting from drunk driving.

The reason that one person died every 51 minutes in the United States in 2010 resulting from DUI crashes is that our society tolerates this form of homicide — usually involuntary manslaughter.

Our laws governing drunk driving emphasize freedom over individual responsibility. Our society doesn’t have the political will to substantially reduce DUI injuries and deaths. The punishment is a wet noodle for this tragic crime.

The solutions will cost money but you have to ask yourself the questions: How much is a life worth? And, is this an important investment in our quality of life and in our future?

Until we come to grips with this reality, the annual DUI death rate in the United States will continue to be 10,000 per year — and will continue to grow.

Bruce Castle, Lincoln