Conner thanks Sun City residents for support

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As the odd man out, I would like to comment on the recent HOA Board elections at Sun City. First, I would like to thank all my friends who supported me and worked so hard on my behalf. I am one of the happiest people in Sun City and do have another life. It's OK. I still have not changed my mind. We live in perhaps the best place on the planet and I am so enthusiastic about life in Sun City. Every day is a new adventure for us. Our board has made some utterances and a few decisions that they would probably like to take back, but the bottom line is our community is in very good shape in every regard. I know the campaign at times seemed like an old B movie starring Broderick Crawford. Nevertheless I urge everyone to support our board, committees and staff and enjoy your retirement. I would also like to thank that gang of Gray Panthers that I have coffee with every morning, without getting sappy, you are simply the best. I'm certainly not the most qualified resident to serve as a board member, but I am just wise enough and I do step forward. David Conner, Lincoln