Congressman McClintock should support spending cuts, reader says

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June Paquette’s letter of Sept. 6 (Lincoln News Messenger, page A5, “Voters have a choice in Jack Uppal”) employs the tactics we’ve come to expect from Jack Uppal’s campaign – try to distort Congressman Tom McClintock’s record and hope that something sticks. When Ms. Paquette accuses Mr. McClintock of “pledging allegiance to Grover Norquist,” she is referring to our congressman’s longstanding promise “to the people of the Fourth Congressional District of California” not to vote to raise taxes – a pledge he has honored. When Ms. Paquette accuses Mr. McClintock of “voting against funding to keep police, fire and teachers on the job,” she is referring to our congressman’s leadership against the failed Obama stimulus spending that has driven our nation trillions of dollars deeper in debt and failed to stimulate anything but government bureaucracy. She attacks him for supporting “only spending cuts.” In the last decade, inflation and population have grown a combined 35 percent; revenues have grown 33 percent and spending has grown 76 percent. McClintock’s right, spending is the problem. I could go on but you get the point. Tom McClintock is one of the few members of Congress who lists every vote he has cast on his official website, along with explanations for the positions he has taken ( It’s a good resource when local Democrats are erupting into a veritable Mt. Vesuvius of misinformation. At least she makes it very clear what we can expect from Jack Uppal: higher taxes, more failed stimulus spending and deeper debt for our children. Phyllis Wing, Lincoln