Congratulations, Dom Cazares, and all the other high school grads

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We would like to congratulate our son, Dominic Cazares, in his graduation and his perfect attendance for 12 years. He has not missed a day of school since first-grade. Even when he was not feeling well, he insisted on going to school. Nothing would keep him away. It all started at the end of kindergarten. His teacher, Mrs. Alice Pennington, gave him a certificate of recognition for not missing a trimester in school. That made him very happy! Since that day on, he has continued to attend class every day. Along with the certificates came prizes too. As a child, he received gift cards consisting of free meals from Round Table Pizza, McDonald?s and Burger King. He also received toys and a kid?s c.d. The gifts declined the older he became. He was satisfied with just the certificate alone and he looked forward to receiving one at the end of each school year. He knew that this was a great achievement. We want to show our appreciation in this letter. Thank you Dominic, for all of your hard work, determination and dedication to your daily attendance. We remember how hard it was for you to get out of bed when you were not feeling well and you did it anyways! We are so proud of you, son. We would like to thank all of his teachers who had him in their class at Creekside Oaks, Glen Edwards and Lincoln High School. We have a special thank you to Mrs. Pennington. We wish to see her someday so that we can personally tell her how her beautiful character touched Dominic?s life at age 6. Mom and Dad, Connie Cazares, Lincoln