Congratulations, 333 Lincoln High seniors

Graduation ceremonies will be 7 p.m. Friday
By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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Although described as “unified” by their counselor, this year’s senior class will go their separate ways this Friday. “For the most part, they all get along,” Lincoln High School counselor Jim Spratling said. The class size of 333 students hasn’t impacted the class’s unity, according to Spratling. “They all get along really well, and even though it’s a large class, they all seem to know each other,” Spratling said, “which makes school that much more enjoyable.” While some students will attend technical school, enter the military or go straight to work, Spratling said the majority will go to college. “For a lot of students, it is the next step if they want to be successful and that’s part of forging ahead,” Spratling said. “Quite often, it’s because they have a passion for a subject and/or learning, and they want to continue that.” For the most part, students are staying close to the West Coast. “A vast majority of them stay stateside,” Spratling said. “A number of students” will University of California campuses in Davis, Santa Cruz, San Diego and Berkeley, Spratling said. Students will also enroll in the California State University system at campuses including Sacramento, Humboldt, Chico and San Jose. Other students are going as far east as Indiana, Iowa and Kansas. Brett Berger, 16, will attend Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, which Spratling said is “amazing.” “It’s very hard to get into and very competetive,” Spratling said. “It’s pretty great he got accepted there.” Berger said he will study engineering in college. “I was always playing with Legos as a kid,” Berger said. Berger plans to spend as much time with his family as possible before leaving for college this fall. Heeding the call to weld is Wes Wilkerson, 17, who will study that topic at Southwestern Community College in Coos Bay, Ore. Wilkerson has taken welding classes at Lincoln High School for the past four years, where he was able to give back to the community. “In the shop, sometimes people from the community come in and they need projects (completed),” Wilkerson said. “It kind of just pays back to us kids. We get donations back.” This summer, Wilkerson has plans to travel to Alaska and Georgia before moving to Oregon with his father. And he’s not quite ready to see high school end. “I’m not really ready to graduate. It’s gone by too fast,” Wilkerson said. “It seems like I was a freshman yesterday.” Senior class president Katie Emerson, 17, will spend time on the softball field at University of San Diego. “I”m going for softball. I’ve always wanted to play softball there,” Emerson said. “(University of San Diego) has a good environment and it’s a good Catholic school.” Leaving home doesn’t phase Emerson, who has played on the California Breeze, a softball team out of Elk Grove. “I play softball all year, so every weekend, I’m in places like Las Vegas or Colorado,” Emerson said. Emerson shared her thoughts on the benefit of high school. “High school kind of teaches what you need to know about the world,” Emerson said. “I’m pretty independent. I think I’ll be fine.” ***************************************** Know and Go: What: Lincoln High School Graduation When: 7 p.m. on Friday, gates open at 6 p.m. Admission: Tickets are needed this year. Information: 645-6360