Community gives a lot of financial support to Lincoln Host Lions Club

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The Lincoln Host Lions Club would like to thank everyone who helped make our recent crab feed a big success.  Thanks to all the local merchants who donated prizes for our raffle, our local suppliers of food and drink items and paper goods, and most of all, thanks to all those who  attended this event.

Each year, our club has three main fundraisers: two crab feeds, one in November and one in February; and a firework’s stand on the Fourth of July. 

Here’s something you may not know. Our governing bylaws state that all monies raised in the community at these events must be used for the benefit of the community.  If we as a Club want to purchase a new tool for our club’s use, we must raise that money amongst ourselves, not from the community. So by being so supportive of our fundraisers, you the people of Lincoln are the real providers of support for all those the Lions try to help. 

Our main job is to decide who you would like us to help.

This past year, you gave PAL $5,000 to help keep the teen center open. 

You provided almost $7,000 to help those less fortunate during our Christmas food and toy program. 

You’ve helped provide ongoing assistance to our fine new museum here in Lincoln, and because of the devastation, you even gave $2,000 to the Sandy Hurricane relief fund administered by our international headquarters. 

If this were not enough, you have helped many local children and adults who had eye health problems but could not afford the treatment or glasses that were needed. 

You have also helped youngsters enjoy our annual Easter egg hunt for more than 5,000 colored eggs. 

All totaled, you have given your community more than $1 million during the past 57 years.

Thank you for all you do.  Now all we can ask is that you continue to support your good works by marking your calendars for the Fourth of July and for the first Saturdays in November and February to join all your neighbors and friends for more great food and fun benefiting our community.

Bob Day, Lincoln Host Lions Club, Lincoln