Colvin states case for council seat

Colvin states case for council seat

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I will start that I confess that I came to this in an uneducated way. I wanted to run, due to my financial ideas I can offer and natural experience that can benefit everyone.

I never expected rumors or conspiracies as I have endured,which I am disappointed to become unintentionally  involved in.

I never thought I would have to address such acquisitions,  but for the sake of other’s kind gestures (unbeknownst to them all), I will state:

Thank you, to those who welcomed me (though you kindly said that I have the “right” to run, even though you believe in someone else). You allowed me to speak to you, for my voice to be heard to you and others.

There are those who saw me at the entry door, while in exhaustion and yet, without any regards to politics, welcomed me into your home for a seat and then to serve me; to share knowledge, experience and exchange our ideas. Your love/kindness to me is what is needed and cherished in  my life.

In the end, this is what motivates me for this city.

When I need help (locked out from entry of car, for example), my opposition is willing to have sympathy of my distress to help me when others can’t/or in fear. 

I was not asked by anyone to run for City Council. If anything, I was a shock to City Council since I am not anyone’s favorite. I am no one’s “rah-rah.”

I am just me, wanting to look out for those who can’t vote, due to being outside the jurisdiction, even though your business is run in Lincoln, and to those Lincoln citizens who expect a higher fiduciary of care.

Christine Colvin, Lincoln